When to scarify your lawn

When to scarify your lawn

Raking or ‘scarifying’ in your garden is best done in April as the weather is just warming up which means better growth and so a better recovery rate for your lawn. For the ideal conditions, cut your grass down gradually a week or two before and the day before you aim to scarify – cut it down as short as possible (without scalping the surface) as this will help to reduce both resistance and mess. 


How to scarify your lawn

Our best advice while scarifying your lawn here at the Ideal Home Show Shop is to ‘tease’ the lawn and lightly scarify rather than to go in too vigorously – you’ll only do more harm than good this way. If you’re using a powered scarifier, avoid temptation to rush the job by going deep; instead, use your height adjustment so that any debris is removed without chunks of soil being uncovered. As less and less debris remains you can lower the height of the tool for each new run over the soil, allowing air to go deeper without making a mess or shocking the lawn.


Which lawn scarifier to choose

At the Ideal Home Show Shop we like to help you buy right – which is why we’ve rounded up the best options for garden scarifiers. A simple spring-bok rake will work if you have a small lawn, wear leather gloves and talc before using however to prevent your hands from blistering. If your lawn is over 100 square metres, it’s best to go for an electric or petrol scarfier as this will make light work of the lawn while being easier on your hands. Be mindful when going for electric that you have a power outlet close enough to allow you to do the whole lawn or that the device has a battery pack.


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