What to do in your garden in February

February is a harsh month for your garden, but there are signs of spring approaching. With light levels increasing, there are bulbs appearing and your garden will be coming to life again. So now is an important time to prepare for the season ahead and there’s plenty to do outdoors.

Prune, trim and dead-head

Pruning, trimming and dead-heading in your garden should be top of your list of jobs this month as this will help rejuvenate your plants and trees and help growth in the spring season. You’ll need to prune winter-flowering shrubs that have finished flowering and trim hardy evergreen hedges as well as overgrown deciduous hedges. You should also cut back conservatory climbers and give holly bushes a hard pruning too. Use a good pair of garden shears or cutters to make the job easier.


Get your garden organised

At this time of year while you’re spending less time in your garden it’s a great idea to get your garden tools in order. Make sure you’ve got all the garden tools you’ll need for the season ahead to maintain your garden – and make sure they’re clean and in good condition. Now is a good time to invest in new garden tools while they are out of season as they will be cheaper to buy. You should also start planning your seed and plant purchases, and clean out seed trays and plant pots with hot soapy water to get ready for the growing season. Deal with any waste material gathering up in your beds by adding them to your compost heap and rake your beds clean to make way for bulbs. 



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