Using pastel colours in your home

Pastel colours in your home

Pastel shades make a refreshing change from neutrals in home interior – they’re ideal for bringing a touch of colour to bedrooms, bathrooms and living rooms. When we think of pastel colours we think of pale pink and lilac, soft blue and green and even yellow. They’ve come a long way from just being used in babies’ nurseries – these comforting colours make you feel welcome and at home in your interior space. Our Ideal Home Show experts have some simple ways how you can use pastel colours in your home.


Use pastel accents

It’s easy to get the balance right when using pastel shades in your home interior décor to prevent the look becoming overly twee or feminine. Simply integrate pastel accent pieces into your scheme by placing tableware such as vases, bowls or tea lights in key places around the room. Add complementary pastel touches to your textiles by adding pastel colour cushions on your sofa and armchairs or bed. Pastel colour artwork or wall decals are also a quick, easy and cheap way to integrate touches of colour to a statement wall in the room.

Create a colour balance

Spring is the perfect time to add a palette of pastels into your home. Our Ideal Home Show experts recommend that you keep the look subtle by surrounding pastel colour homewares with white or muted grey. Keeping the décor neutral in the room will ensure the pastel scheme isn’t too ‘sugary’. Another great idea is to pair wood with pastels and mix darker colour surfaces like hardwood floors, tables or kitchen surfaces to create a colour balance.


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