Using bold accent colours in your home

Bold accent colours room set

Bold accent colours are hugely popular in home decorating at the moment and it’s no wonder why - nothing brightens up a living space like a punch of colour! Colour brings a sense of life and vitality into any room and is a great way to add character and personality to your home - especially effective in smaller spaces like a loft or small apartment. Here are some top tips for cheering up your interior space.

Choose colourful homewares

Feature walls have been a big trend for a while now, but they require a strong commitment to a particular paint. As an alternative our Ideal Home Show interior experts recommend sticking to a few choice homewares that will create a colour theme in your home with just as much effect. Simply introduce hints of colours in your cushions, then match with lampshades, rugs and vases for a co-ordinated look.

White pillowcase


The colour you choose as your accent will have a huge effect on the overall room. Colours in certain rooms can change the whole atmosphere and mood of the room – colour has a stimulating effect on people and can even act as an anti-depressant! Colour accents should always be bold to stand out in the room, and in larger spaces will bring the room together and make it feel cosier.

Bright, bold colours

Small bursts of bright, cheerful colours like orange, pink, green or yellow reflect more light and will create a feeling of openness and friendliness. They're also ideal for the spring summer season. Bright colours are associated with energy and activity as well as the freedom to express your personality and emotions, so the bolder the better! With just a few key pieces even in the brightest stand-out colours the look will remain stylish and tasteful. Our Ideal Home Show interior experts recommend that you place colouful homewares in key areas within the room against a neutral colour palette of plain white, cream or beige painted walls as a backdrop.



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