Upcycled tin holders

recycled tin holders

Make your kitchen unique by making your recycling an interior accessory! At the Ideal Home Show Shop we think tin cans are especially useful because they're sturdy enough to hold utensils or cutlery. Keep the label or remove and add your own, held in place with a lacquer for a retro and funky look, or why not dip in pastel paint halfway to give a soft touch which contrasts with the metallic tin. You can also use your revamped tin as a plant or herb pot – club them together on your windowsill for that trendy upcycled look we love.


Display kitchenware

Another way to get the look is to go open-plan with cupboards and shelving. Adding hooks or an open rack will allow you to store your cups, plates and even aprons on show for an organised clutter effect. Decorate shelves with vintage-inspired containers of brands gone by, if air-tight these can be used to store biscuits in a charming way that also makes them an accessory.

You can upcycle anything

It’s not just tin cans which can be upcycled. Fill multicoloured glass wine bottles with fairy lights which will glow the same colour as the bottle – perfect if you want to set the mood for dinner but want something more original than tea lights. Old six-pack beer holders are the perfect way to separate condiments and take them from kitchen to table while an old wicker basket filled with a clean tea towel or kitchen paper serves for a makeshift bread basket which you can set on the table.


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