Top trend - chalkboard kitchen walls

Chalkboard wall in kitchen

Chalkboards are not just for use in the classroom – they are a massive home interior trend right now and are an ideal addition to your kitchen. A chalkboard in the kitchen will also create a central location for all your family to leave messages, write to-dos and keep up with each others’ schedules so it will help your whole family get organised!

Creating a chalkboard wall

Creating a chalkboard wall in your kitchen is easy. You can buy paint that dries to a chalkboard finish from most good DIY stores and simply paint a wall or onto a refrigerator, or even onto a work surface. However there are easier and less permanent ways to add a chalkboard into your kitchen because now you can also buy self-adhesive kitchen chalkboards that are easy to stick to any wall – and easy to remove too. They come in a variety of fun shapes and styles that kids will love and you can use them in the same way as a normal chalkboard.

Love heart chalkboard in kitchen


Write reminders, recipes and shopping lists

Whether you choose a self-adhesive noticeboard wall sticker or go brave with a whole chalkboard wall, the best thing about a kitchen chalkboard is that you can change the wall art whenever you want! Get the kids to draw some pictures on the wall - you can buy coloured chalks and they can really have some fun! Or how about writing down your favourite quote or meaningful saying - or even the family house rules! They’re a playful way to decorate part of your interior and will add a personal touch too. Kitchen chalkboard walls or chalkboard wall stickers are also a practical way to keep your family organised because you'll be able to write reminders, recipes and shopping lists down where everyone can see. You’ll never miss an appointment or forget something important!



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