The perfect wedding present

The Perfect Wedding Present

The wedding season is in full swing and our Ideal Home Show Experts are trying to take the stress out of finding that perfect wedding present! You can find many beautiful wedding gift ideas in the shops but often they lack a personal touch, getting lost in a sea of wedding presents from friends and family. If you have an idea of the perfect gift in your head but can’t find it during your shop – why not let your creative juices flow and make it up yourself!


Homemade wedding gifts

It’s always good to sit back and think what wedding present you would really enjoy or need should you get married or move into a new home – you’ll find it’s often the simplest of things. Why not dress up a wicker basket filled with all of the ingredients the lovebirds will need for that romantic meal for two complete with wine or champagne! You can even stock the cupboards for their new home with a wedding hamper filled with jams and preserves so their honeymoon spirits won’t be dampened when they’re looking into empty cupboards.


Help with the wedding

If you really want your wedding gift to be appreciated why not offer to help with the wedding? It’ll help bear some of the happy couple’s burden and relieve a little stress – probably the best wedding gift you could give! As simple as making the wedding favours or making a scrapbook of ideas and possible cost-savings, there are plenty of things you can do from the comfort of your home without getting in the way of the Bride & Groom - just make sure to get the green light from them first on your gift ideas!


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