Creating the ideal autumn kitchen

Autumn kitchen

In October it's time to look outside and see what nature can do for your home. We’re here at the Ideal Home Show Shop with some handy kitchen tips to make the most of not only the rich colours of the season but also the seasonal fruits and vegetables which are best at this time of year.


Using foods of the season

Now is the time for apples, blackberries, elderberries and sloes and it's best to get them before the winter comes in and their flavour is ripest! If you want to keep them at their best and aren’t using them straight away keep your berries in the fridge but your apples on the counter as apples can actually cause other foods to ripen and go off quickly when stored in the fridge. We recommend getting your hands on a rustic wicker basket to keep them pride of place and better yet – why not dry out some autumn leaves to decorate the basket in rich autumnal shades.


Keep those spiders out

We won’t stop with just cooking tips – at the Ideal Home Show Shop we want to help you to use nature to its full advantage as not only does it brighten up the home- it’s completely free. October is a little chillier and while you’re spending less time outside, so will the spiders. Rub some lemon around the window frames of your kitchen to deter the pesky insects from coming in for food and shelter and while it may be somewhat of an old wives tale – conkers have been used to repel spiders for hundreds of years and dotting them around the corners of your kitchen counters could protect your home from intrusion!


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