Spring table setting

Christmas stag head

If you want to create the perfect setting for Easter lunch then let us show you how here at the Ideal Home Show Shop. First things first, start with a gorgeous table setting – why not take a pastel metal jug and will with fresh cut springtime flowers like daffodils to brighten up the room. Alternatively if you want to be original, why not get the kids to help decorate an Easter Tree and set it in the middle.


Spring tableware

Here at the Ideal Home Show Shop we love having special tableware to bring out on occasions – so why not set Easter lunch apart from the rest by using special springtime ceramics. This Daisy Ceramic Serving Jug has lovely fresh daisies to brighten up the table and you can use it to pour custard over your dessert. Use bright napkins as well as a tablecloth which will show your guests you’ve really gotten into the spirit of spring.


Easter entertaining

At the Ideal Home Show Shop we understand the preparation that goes into making lunch for a large number of people. Keep everyone entertained while you prepare with this Paint Your Own Easter Egg Kit and why not fill this Pastel Metal Bucket with little treats or Easter snacks and dot around the room to keep your guests from getting too hungry; we also love the idea of popping some mini eggs or gifts in this Easter Pillow Box as a special little ‘goody bag’ to give your guests on the way out.


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