Spring Colour Trend 2014 - Placid Blue

Light blue bedding

Placid blue is the hottest colour trend for spring 2014 according to the colour trend experts at Pantone. In home interior design, this soft shade of blue will be seen in fabrics, wall colours and home accessories – used as a background colour as well as an accent. 

Why use placid blue in your home

Blue is a colour that comes in and out of fashion but will never go out of style, making it an ideal choice for your bedroom or living room. Placid blue is a light pastel shade that won’t overwhelm when used plentifully in interior design. It’s a tranquil, dreamy colour that gives a feeling of peaceful calmness and will relax and reassure any visitors to your home. Lighter hues of blue can also feel fresh and feminine - though not in a way that is too sweet or pretty like pink.

White pillowcase


How to use placid blue in your home

This shade of blue reminds us of the sky – it’s one of nature’s backdrop colours and so works well in your home as a background colour as well as an emphasis. It can also be used with other colours as well as a standalone colour. Mix with other pretty pastel colours such as soft pink or light yellow to accent a more feminine style. Or pair with cool grey and classic bluesto make your home placid blue picture-perfect. White is the best complement for light blue and will give your home a bright and breezy feel that's ideal for spring. Our Ideal Home Show Interiors experts recommend combining a white and blue duvet cover with a light blue accent wall to get a look that's on-trend for spring 2014.



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