Special spring blooms

Special spring blooms

Bring spring into your home with fresh flowers – make them special by creating your own arrangements in unique vases. Here at the Ideal Home Show Shop we have some great spring season craft ideas that are easy and inexpensive – to help you make your own eye-catching floral displays in any room. 


Painted containers

Take those old glass containers out of your recycling box and transform them into colourful vases for flowers! All you need to do is give them a good wash, making sure all grease and stickers are removed. Get yourself some tester pots from your local DIY shop and pour the paint inside the jar, coating the inside by tilting it until fully coated. Pour out any excess and wipe the rim clean. Leave to dry for at least twenty-four hours. Once dry, place smaller bottles or jars inside to hold water and blooms (you shouldn’t wet the jars inside as the paint will peel off). Decorate with ribbons if you fancy an extra-lovely touch!


Floating flowers

Create beautiful and unique table centrepieces by filling shallow ceramic bowls with water – almost to the top. Then simply float flowers in the bowls – you should choose wide, open flowers like orchids, guelder roses, asters, gardenias and ranunculus. You should remove stems, outer petals and leaves, and avoid heavy blooms that sink in the water. You can also add sequins, pebbles and candles to decorate.


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