Simple kitchen storage solutions

Kitchen rack and storage

It’s easy to find unique storage solutions for your kitchen without having to install extra kitchen units. Kitchen storage racks like this Copper Kitchen Storage Rack, which fits into the ever on-trend industrial look, are easy to attach to any wall – ideal if you’re short on floor space. Scatter with different-sized hanging cups to give your kitchen character and you can even fill the baskets with utensils or even plants. A matching Copper Fruit Basket is a stylish step away from glass or ceramics and will look perfect with slate, upcycled and wooden accessories around the room – use contrasting materials to get the look.


Easy upcycling

The upcycling trend is far from over and at the Ideal Home Show Shop we can help you get the look. Take this Upcycled Beer Bottle Oil Drizzler, which makes a quirky addition to a kitchen counter or a great gift for any bachelor pad. It’s all about making a feature out of what you have – use an open stacking shelf to keep containers on show such as kilner jars filled with utensils; the beauty of upcycling is that you don’t have to spend money to get it.


Mix your materials

It only takes a few minor tweaks to add some real character to your kitchen and we’ve got handy tips and tricks here at the Ideal Home Show Shop which will set your kitchen apart from the rest. Switch your shop-bought milk and honey containers for this Ceramic Milk Carton Jug and Glass Bee Hive Honey Jar with Dipper then leave them pride of place to show you’ve gone the extra mile with your kitchen utensils. Contrasting materials such as glass, ceramic and metal are ideal for adding texture to a work surface; you can then add some homely touches such as glass tea light holders if you feel the look needs some warmth.


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