September Gardening Tips

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If you’re noticing a change in the weather this month, you can be sure that your garden is too! September is generally a cooler, windier and less predictable month as late summer progresses into autumn – but don’t worry, we’re here at the Ideal Home Show Shop with some September gardening tips to help you and your garden change for the season.


Weeding earlier is easier

It’s not our favourite chore at the Ideal Home Show Shop, but this month it's important that you don’t forget to keep up with your weeding. Clear any debris from your garden now as once the leaves start to fall this task will only get more difficult, it’s also worth laying weedkiller now as most will continue to work throughout the winter months destroying pests and diseases which may reappear come spring. It’s not all doom and gloom however; September is also the perfect time to start reaping the fruits of your labour if you have a vegetable or crop patch in the garden.


Keep your plants well watered

As far as gardening tips go, while watering may seem like an obvious one it’s important not to overlook it in the less predictable September weather. We don’t want to get your hopes up; but should the month bear an Indian summer, water thoroughly once or twice a week rather than little and often! If you’ve recently planted any large shrubs or trees, leave a trickling hose at the base for up to an hour to ensure a good soaking, the same for any established plants to make sure they are not fighting with one another for essential moisture.


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