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if you want to save money and time in the kitchen on busy evenings you'll need to invest in your cookware! It can be as easy as switching your old pots and pans to better quality, non-stick cookware, which will eliminate any blackened bottoms when you’ve left your casserole cooking for too long! Investing in cookware can mean less elbow grease, less steeping and less splashings of washing up liquid for you to move that burnt-on-food.


Cut out the fat

We’re all becoming a little more health conscious and here at the Ideal Home Show Shop we know that the Christmas weight can be difficult to lose. You may find with your older cookware you're using more oil or butter to make sure food doesn’t stick to the pan. Not only does this make cooking more expensive but food is more greasy and less healthy. Make the change to good quality non-stick pots and pans and you can cut out the oil altogether or just use a dribble – low fat cooking sprays are ideal as they’ll help your food to brown while ensuring easy movement and stirring.


Choosing the right non-stick cookware

At the Ideal Home Show Shop we’re always trying to help you buy smarter which means you can enjoy your product for years without needing to replace. Choose quality non-stick pots and pans, which may be more expensive initially but will save you money in the long run. Go for a heavier pan which will heat up slowly to reduce any dangerous oil splatters when you add food to the pan, and make sure handles are secure and made of non-conducting material which means you can transfer to the oven after the hob if need be.


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