Retro style - get the look!

retro vinyl record frames

We love retro here at the Ideal Home Show Shop and we’ve got some great tips to help you get the look in your home - because throwback accessories will by default never go out of fashion. Think corded phones with a dial, metal desk fans, shaggy fur rugs and even a lava lamp. If you’re having trouble finding the perfect accessories, frame your favourite old vinyl records or covers and club them together to make a retro focal point on a wall which is unique and special to you.


Choosing your retro colour

Decide on your colour scheme and what era of retro you’d like to go for. Pale pastel accessories are great to add depth to a 40s or 50s style whereas burnt orange and bold sulphur yellows can transport you back to the 70s. Add geometric printed blankets and fur cushions to give you differing textures and a funky mismatched vibe but don’t overdo it or this could end up looking busy, instead soften the look with plain block colour cushions and accessories mixed between.

Retro materials

You don’t have to paint walls or change furniture to get a retro vibe – our Ideal Home Show Shop tip is to create a focal point in the centre of the room with a retro metal fishing lamp or pendant in a bold red or blue. This will draw the eye and distinguish your theme immediately. Using metals, glass and plastics rather than wood give a throwback twist – find large glass vases or ornaments in deep colours as well as metal bookends and fittings to give a look that’s texturally rich without being chaotic.


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