Retro home accessories – get the look!

Retro Home Accessories

Here at the Ideal Home Show Shop we’ve fallen in love with retro storage and accessories! It’s unusual to find little touches which create such an interesting and charming look, yet are so easy to incorporate into the home. The great thing about throwback accessories is they never lose their charm or go out of style because they’re already vintage styled – so it’s even better if they get a little wear and tear throughout the years.


Vintage storage tins

The retro look is perfect for your kitchen and storage boxes can be found in a range of styles, printed with staples of the home such as Quaker Oats and Jacob’s Cream Crackers. Retro kitchenware is as functional as it is charming – when you get in from your grocery shopping just transfer your treats over to the tins and you won’t be left with stale biscuits or rogue crumbs ever again!


Retro kitchen accessories

Please don’t banish your retro storage boxes to a dusty cupboard! While vintage kitchenware is ideal for replacing your old tins and containers, it's also an easy home style statement. Teamed with contrasting containers retro storage tins can be left on your kitchen worktops in the same way as your tea and coffee canisters. Our Ideal Home Show Experts find that kitchens with well-placed intentional clutter are always more homely and inviting for guests and family alike – plus it makes it easier for you to dip in and treat yourself to a well-deserved biscuit with your tea!


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