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In January when there's a little less to do in the garden it's a great time time to plan and get ready for the gardening year ahead. Many of your garden tools including your lawnmower will be out of action during this chillier, wetter month, and so now is the ideal time to check it in for a service. Make sure any fuel isn’t left in the tank for months without being used as this can cause problems when you go to start it up.


Maintaining your garden tools

Properly maintained garden tools can last for years; so we’re here at the Ideal Home Show Shop with some handy tips to help you get the best from your tools. For hardened dirt, steep your tools in warm water and using a wire brush, scrub until clean. Allow to drip dry before buffing with a clean dry cloth – never store wet tools as this can lead to rust. For wooden handles, use some sandpaper to keep the surface smooth and splinter-free and use some linseed oil to prevent them from drying out and cracking.


Choosing the right garden tools

Now is the perfect time to get all the tools you need for the year ahead; plus the perfect time to grab a bargain! At the Ideal Home Show Shop we have a few handy hints to help you buy right when shopping for tools. If you have lots of high hedges and branches which will need pruned; opt for a telescopic, extending lopper which means you won’t need to haul a ladder with you and move it as you go. Consider the weight of the product compared to your strength and the power source – if you have a large garden which extends from the home; go for battery operated so you don’t have to worry about extension leads.


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