Clearing snow, frost and ice in winter

If removing snow, frost and ice from your outdoor areas last winter was a struggle then now’s the time to invest in the winter garden tools you’ll need this year to make the job easier. Whether it’s ice on your car windscreen or snow in your driveway, having the right equipment can save you time and effort.

Using a snow shovel

A snow shovel is the obvious option for removing snow starting to pile up on your paths and driveways. It’s ideal for small amounts of snow, and a strong and sturdy plastic snow shovel will allow you shift snow with ease away from the desired areas. Make sure you bend your knees when you shovel to prevent back injuries, and you can use standard floor wax on the shovel head to prevent the snow from sticking. 


Using a snow thrower

A great alternative is a snow thrower, which is ideal for use in larger gardens as it requires less man-power and will blast snow to several metres away. Simply push the machine along and the front paddle acts like a revolving scoop that ejects the snow away. Make sure you remove any rocks and pebbles from the snow before you start so they don’t get stuck in the snow thrower and block it. 

Once you’ve removed the snow you should throw rock salt down onto your paths to ensure safety and prevent slipping. You can use a heated de-icer on your car windscreen to remove ice quickly and effortlessly. 



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