Preparing and cleaning your exterior

Pressure washing

It’s the perfect time of year to clean your exterior and have it looking smart for summer. Our top Ideal Home Show Shop tip is to invest in a pressure washer or water blaster with a brush attachment as this will make light work of decking, pavements, stone and areas with stubborn dirt. Get your cleanser right before starting the job too – we recommend opting for a biodegradable cleanser which you can spray freely without worrying about ruining any surrounding crops, grass or flowerbeds.


Washing decking perfectly

Scrub off any loose debris before applying your cleanser, rub it over your decking and leave on for five to ten minutes only – any longer and it will dry leaving a white residue. Grab your pressure washer and engage the trigger away from the decking so as not to leave a mark before gently sweeping it onto the wood. Continue in sweeping motions spraying horizontally left-to-right; be careful not to hold the water jet to close to the decking or this could result in stripping the wood leaving lighter areas.


Clean in time for summer

The work you put in now will last throughout the summer so don’t skimp. Our Ideal Home Show Shop experts recommend investing in a multipurpose outdoor disinfectant to clean your dining sets in time for guests using them; you can also pour this down drains to clear blockages and deodorise as well as using it in plant pots before planting so your shrubs and flowers are safe from infection. Give any children’s toys which have been left out a wipe down too as these will be coming into use in the good weather..


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