Perfect pastel interiors

Pastel room interior

With spring just around the corner it’s time to bring your décor out of the darkness and opt for our favourite spring interior trend here at the Ideal Home Show Shop – pastels. If you’re nervous about picking up the paintbrush, cushions, candle holders and vases in soft, chalky pastel shades are the ideal way to test out a few new shades in your room without feeling like you have to overhaul the whole space. If you want to be bold and add some drama, team them with rich grey candles or hooks and black picture frames to create contrast. 


New pastel shades

You don’t have to feel limited to pinks and lilacs, pastels aren’t just the sugary shades they used to be. They now encompass greys, minty greens, soft dusky pinks and blues and while you may not dream of putting these colours together, they can work beautifully when mixed against a neutral backdrop. Why not add a sage green or duck egg bedspread to an otherwise plain set of bed linen to see how it instantly lifts your bedroom. Add pastel accessories around your living room, like tea light holders for an easy new look – you can always switch out the accessories if you fancy a change. 


Mix colour and pattern

We love pastels here at the Ideal Home Show Shop because not only can they make a space relaxing and serene; their versatility allows them to add instant fun and vibrancy when used in a different way. If you have pastel walls, adding accessories such as a bright lemon-yellow decorative tray or mint green jug will add some character. If you want to stick to the same shade, remember you can always use contrasting patterns such as geometrics and stripes to give a design element without clashing.


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