October gardening tips

October gardening tips

Don’t think that just because your summer flora needs less attention you can hang up your gardening gloves this month – here at the Ideal Home Show Shop we have your essential gardening tips for October, and the tools you'll need to do the job.


Cut & shape hedges now

October weather is a little more unpredictable than previous months, though in general it's is the milder of the autumn months so it’s your last chance to trim, cut and shape deciduous hedges to keep them looking tidy over the winter. It's important to do this job now, because this job will only get tougher to do when the weather gets colder. The winter months can also bring harsh winds and wind rock can uproot shallower plants - so get the trimmers out and also prune down rose bushes and shrubs now. Why not save all the branches to make firewood for a hearty fire on a winter’s night? 


Take care of plant beds

When it comes to your beds and borders, you should cut down any plants which would require heavy pruning by half which will have them looking perfect come spring. This will also give them a lessened surface area to catch the wind and uproot. You should also cut back perennial plants that have died down and move more tender plants into the greenhouse. Make sure to keep on top of fallen leaves by clearing your lawn and flower beds regularly. Staying on top of this job now will help cut down the work you'll need to do next month. Now is also the time to harvest any apples, pears and berries from your garden and enjoy in your kitchen!


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