Nautical summer home trend

Nautical blue bottles

Bring some New England elegance into your home this summer by introducing natural textures mixed with nautical elements as well as seaside touches like sailboats and shells. Lay a neutral beige striped rug in your hall for a relaxed look and prop open a door with a rope doorstop for a subtle nod toward nautical. Rope also looks charming when used to dress up ceramic and glass vases for the summer – tie in a small sailors knot if you’re feeling crafty.


Nautical lighting

Get your lighting right by using hurricane lamps and jute-wrapped lanterns around the room. Set larger ones on the floor and smaller ones on dressers and shelves for an alternative to bases and shades. A large fishing lamp suspended in the centre of the room may seem like an investment, but if you want to change your look later you can keep it as a funky and unusual style of lighting which will pull focus in any room.


New England elegance

Steer clear of overusing reds and blues to make your home look coastal as this can veer towards childish. Instead, hang a rustic looking oar on the wall and trade your coffee table for a large trunk or chest which can double up as handy storage for blankets and throws. If your furniture is in need of an update, go for a reclaimed wood or have a go at distressing it yourself for a look that’s nautical, but will fit well with shabby-chic or rustic décor if you want to change your style down the line.


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