Money-saving cleaning tips

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The summer is drawing to a close and the days are getting shorter – meaning more time inside and ultimately a little more mess to deal with at home. At the Ideal Home Show Shop we have simple cleaning tips to keep your interiors neat and tidy, so you have a sanctuary away from September’s cooler climate.


Eco-friendly and money saving reusable detergents

Here at the Ideal Home Show Shop are have some handy tips to help you cut down your energy while actually saving money! Reusable washing balls, pods or soap nuts work by replacing your existing detergents meaning you save money while keeping your clothes fresh. Environmentally friendly and cost-effective some can last up to 1000 washes – perfect for the kids’ uniforms now that they’re back to school!


Cleaning without cleaning products

We’re helping you save money with your washing but let us go one step further – we’re here at the Ideal Home Show Shop with some handy cleaning tips for your home which make use of items around the home – that means saving on expensive cleaning products! White vinegar blasts stains and a 1:5 solution of white vinegar and water will unclog shower heads in a jiffy when soaked. Nasty lime-scale down your toilet can be cleared by pouring a can of fizzy cola into the bowl and leaving for an hour – much cheaper than a descaler and not to mention easier. After all that work why not relax with a nice glass of wine; for your shower – white wine removes water marks, streaks and limescale to leave you with a beautiful shine. Buff with newspaper afterwards and you’ll almost be able to see your own reflection.


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