Mid-summer gardening tips

Mid-summer gardening tips

August is the traditional holiday month and if you’re heading off somewhere nice we understand you can’t take your garden with you! Preparing and packing for a holiday is important but we’re here at the Ideal Home Shop with some gardening tips to remind you to prepare your garden so it won’t be left feeling a little lonely and unloved in your absence.


Keeping your flowers watered

No doubt you’ll be busy checking the weather forecast for your chosen destination this year – but don’t forget to check what elements your shrubs will be battling while you’re away! If it’s going to be dry and sunny, heavily water and move your potted plants into the shade to slow down evaporation, stopping them from drying out. It’s also good to simply dunk your hanging baskets in a bucket of water for a couple of seconds - these are often the thirstiest plants as the moisture can both evaporate and drip from the bottom.


Grooming your garden

If you’ve been busy getting your hair and nails done for your trip make sure your garden has had a little grooming too. Rid your blooms of any unsightly weeds; prune down any oversized shrubs and dead-head any flowers which have come to the end of the road to keep the new flowers reaching through into the light. It’s also the perfect time to harvest any crops for the pantry which will be lovely and ripened for your return.


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