Making your own home accessories

Recycled Home Accessories

The world is growing more and more waste conscious and here at the Ideal Home Show Shop we want to help you go green – by making recycled accessories! Let your waste find its way onto your mantelpiece rather than into its designated bin by rethinking your vases, ornaments and even your indoor and outdoor lighting. You’ll be surprised what you can come up with and the style possibilities range from contemporary to traditional depending on what you use and how you use it.


Recycle glassware

We could sit here and think for hours about all the imaginative ways you can use every day items around the home as accessories. Have a rummage through your glass recycling for different sized jam jars and milk bottles before popping out to the garden or on a nature walk to handpick flowers. Often the shape and rustic style of these make-shift vases work best with wildflowers such as bluebells or even fresh lavender to bring a homely and traditional touch to your kitchen table.


DIY light fittings

If you’re a little more hands on with your crafts why not get even more innovative with your salvaging and come up with some DIY light fixtures? The uses for Mason style jars are endless – why not buy a pendant light kit and have the Mason jar as your ‘shade’ by attaching the lid to the fitting; especially stylish when suspended low with an industrial looking cord for that trendy contemporary look! Alternatively, filling them full or fairy lights or candles and stringing them along a washing line will add a romantic and almost fairytale touch to your garden parties outside in the summer.


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