Making the most of your hallway

Making the most of your hallway

Often the hallway can be forgotten about in favour of areas like the kitchen, bedroom or living room – but neglecting your hallway will have you missing out on handy opportunities to make your life easier. Read on for our Ideal Home Show Shop interior tips which will have your hall your new favourite place in the home!


The beauty of storage benches

The hallway is often a smaller space than most other rooms and can be quite narrow in shape but that doesn’t mean you have to lose out on having the furniture you want. Hall chairs and decorative armchairs look great and are functional in a hall – giving you somewhere to sit with the phone or to tie your shoelaces, but you’re not missing out if you don’t have a lot of space. Look out for hall benches which have storage compartments or cupboards beneath meaning you have somewhere to rest your weary legs and store your shoes or umbrellas.


Get more from your room

While large mirrors do look good in the hallway, they’re seen in every home and at the Ideal Home Show Shop we think they can be a waste of valuable space, espeically in smaller spaces. So it’s time to take down your mirror in favour of functionality! Simply replace it with shelving, which can look great when it’s left open and adds to a rustic, industrial and unfinished look. Add wicker baskets filled with your essentials such as spare keys and make sure there are underling coat hooks for you to pop your ties, hats, coats and winter warmers.


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