Make the most of your patio

Rattan garden furniture

It’s important to capitalise on what you have where your garden is concerned. In the summer we all want to take advantage of the good weather by creating a living space outside where or friends and family can gather. Patios are usually small in space however, making you feel like you can’t have much more than a lounger and a couple of deck chairs as your patio furniture! Our Ideal Home Show Experts are here to broaden your horizons to the many ways of making the best use of your patio space no matter how limited.


Choosing your patio furniture

When you’re choosing your garden furniture – look out for modular units which you can push together to maximise on style but minimise on space when they’re not being used. If you’re partial to hosting a dinner party and want to take it out into the open, look for patio chairs which fold down and tuck under the table meaning you’ll still be left with a surface on your patio but won’t be tripping over seating when they’re not in use.


Saving-saving patio furniture

You don’t have to be hosting a dinner party to have an excuse to accessorise your patio either. There are many combinations of patio furniture including armchairs and sofas designed especially for outdoor use so you and your family can lounge around outside and leave your living room for when things cool down. Search around for footstools which tuck into the coffee table or underneath the armchair and you won’t feel like you have to exile your garden furniture to the garage in those winter months.


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