Make a Christmas wreath

Recycled Home Accessories

This year it’s all been about upcycling and creating your own home accessories – so why stop at Christmas? You can use just about anything from the garden to create a festive wreath or garland and its far less effort than you think, not to mention essentially cost-free; so get out into the garden now and get the kids involved to help make your festive accessories with tips from the Ideal Home Show Shop.


Making your own wreath

Wreaths look gorgeous when hung on your front door in the style of New England homes, but they also look great as a rustic embellishment to your fence or just anything that can act as a hook. Grab a wreath frame from your local florist (or online) and weave your greenery around the wires; ivy looks really special here but is great complemented by berrying holly to give little festive red touches – pop in some pine cones if you’re a fan of the rustic winter woodland theme.


Using pinecones

We love pine cones at the Ideal Home Show Shop as they really are nature’s ultimate accessory for Christmas décor. Take three or four from the garden and wire their stems together before spraying them with gold paint or a dusting of faux snow – when hung from the mantle or roof they look like little festive chandeliers. Alternatively, separate the cones and wrap some thread around them before suspending them from your Christmas tree for that little touch of unique personality.


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