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Save money in your home without any style cut backs by switching to low energy lighting – if you haven’t already. Low energy lighting is fast becoming the norm with inefficient, money-wasting incandescent light bulbs being phased out. At the Ideal Home Show Shop we’re here to help you make the right light bulb choices for a smarter home this year.


Buying low energy lighting

It's easy to replace your existing light bulbs with low energy versions. All you have to do is buy a low energy light bulb (we have a huge selection here at the Ideal Home Show Shop) and install into your existing light fitting. Low energy light bulbs are particularly good for dimmable lights and spotlights. Although they can be more expensive to buy initially, don’t be put off as they’ll save you a bundle in the long run! By replacing your bulbs around the home you could stand to save up to 90% on your home electricity bills which equates to around £40 a year.


Save money without losing light

If you think that cutting costs may equal a dimly lit home then we’re here at the Ideal Home Show Shop to put your fears to rest! LEDs have an incorporated reflective surface within which omit directional light and can be every bit as bright as the standard bulbs in your home now. If you’re using them as spotlights in your home the efficiency is heightened to give a beautiful concentrated light source; ideal for bathrooms and kitchens so you can save money and beam style. Find out more by checking out our selection of LED light bulbs.


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