Keep your pumpkin from spoiling

Pumpkin carving

Don’t let your Halloween hard work go to ruin – our handy Ideal home Show Shop tip to keep your pumpkin from spoiling is to soak it for 8 hours in a bleach wash solution of one teaspoon bleach to one gallon of water. The water will hydrate your pumpkin and stop shrivelling while the antimicrobial properties of bleach will stop mould and rot – put some of the bleach wash solution into a spraying bottle for quick top ups throughout the week to extend your pumpkin’s life.


Tips for the perfect pumpkin

For an easy pumpkin design, use an online template and cut around the shapes on your pumpkin’s face, otherwise go freehand with a dry-wipe marker which means any mistakes can be rubbed off easily. If you’re using a candle to illuminate, cut a hole around the top of the pumpkin to let the heat out and put the candle in a glass holder for protection, however if you’re choosing fairy lights inside, cut your hole at the back which means the cords and cables will be out of sight from party guests.


Trendy pumpkin ideas

Why not break tradition with our Ideal Home Show Shop tips for trendy pumpkins. White pumpkins such as the lumina variety can be painted with bats and cobwebs for an artistic and elegant take on an old tradition – ideal for grown up parties. Using a peeler to shave your pumpkin will give an arty two-toned effect when the light shines through or using flame-retardant tissue paper to line the inside will give a colourful glow – however we recommend this only for fairy light lit pumpkins.


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