How to use an electric blanket

If you’re on a tighter budget this month electric blankets can be a cheaper way to warm up winter nights and help you save money on energy bills. The cold can disrupt sleep so it’s important to keep your bed warm and comfortable to ensure you get the best night’s sleep.

Types of electric blanket

Heated blankets typically come as either heated over-blankets, which lay on top of your duvet, or heated under-blankets, which are fitted over your mattress. Electric heat pads are also good for providing more targeted heat just where you need it – and they’re an ideal alternative to hot water bottles. Electric blankets or heat pads will plug into any electrical socket to either pre-heat your bed or provide constant heat throughout the night. This is much more economical than heating the whole room, and you’ll be able to choose your desired heat level.


Electric blanket safety

Be mindful of safety when buying an electric blanket – look out for a European safety mark on the packaging as this will indicate that it meets the latest safety standards. You should always buy an electric blanket new – never second hand, and you should look to replace it every ten years. Make sure you use your electric blanket safely by never using it with a hot water bottle and never using if you or the electric blanket is wet or damp. You should not use any type of heated blanket in a baby’s cot. For extra safety, opt for a low voltage electric blanket. It is also advisable that you buy a heated blanket or heat pad that allows you to disconnect the electric control unit so you’ll be able to wash as normal in the washing machine for ease of use.



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