How to keep snails and slugs away

Keeping slugs and snails away

Snails and slugs are the enemy of every gardener – on damp summer nights they love to feast on the leaves and fruit on your plants, damaging your garden and ruining all your hard work. Our garden experts at the Ideal Home Show have some great tips on how to prevent snail and slug infestations naturally to keep your beautiful garden beds and borders pest-free – without harming them.


Preventing slugs and snails

The best way to prevent slug and snail infestations is to keep your garden beds and borders well-weeded. Make sure you remove any pulled weeds from the soil after weeding – as slugs and snails will make these their home! Slugs and snails love living in wet, shady areas – so check these areas frequently for any pests that may be lurking there. Garden decorations like logs and rocks also encourage snails and slugs to make their home in your flower beds so keeping these to a minimum is a good idea. 

Using barriers on your beds

Snails and slugs don’t like crawling over sharp objects, so a great idea is to sprinkle gravel over the soil in your beds, borders and potted plants. This not only looks great – coloured gravel is an attractive feature that will enhance the look of your plants, it will also stop snails and slugs in their tracks. Another option is to use prunings from the sharp stems of fruits like blackberries and raspberries. You can even use crushed egg shells – and these will even improve your soil because they release calcium, which sweetens the soil. 


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