How to care for rattan garden furniture

Rattan garden furniture

When it comes to choosing garden furniture, a rattan set offers the best value for money because it’s so strong yet lightweight, and so easy to care for. Our Ideal Home Show experts recommend that you invest in a good quality set of rattan furniture because you can leave it outside all year round and it will stay looking fabulous. Synthetic rattan furniture is water-resistant, rust-resistant and doesn’t fade when exposed to sunlight and will retain its colour for years to come.


Choosing your rattan furniture

Modern garden furniture construction methods mean that today the weight of furniture is not always a sign of quality or strength. When it comes to rattan furniture, synthetic rattan weave is not only extremely strong and durable but also lightweight and easy to move, giving you the flexibility to move it change the layout of your garden as you need. Look for aluminum frames, as these provide extra strength while also being extremely lightweight. 


How to clean rattan furniture

The great thing about rattan furniture is that it is so low maintenance and needs barely any work to keep clean and in good condition. You may want to give your rattan furniture a clean at the beginning of the summer, especially if you’ve left it outside all winter. All you need is some hot soapy water and a normal cloth. Make sure you’ve brushed off any loose dirt and removed the cushions – you should be able to wash these in the washing machine. You can rinse the rattan furniture down afterwards with some fresh water and then leave to dry naturally.


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