How and when to water your garden

How and when to water your garden

Watering your garden regularly is essential during the summer months when the weather is warmer and drier. During these months we can’t always rely on the rain to do the watering for us, so our Ideal Home Show experts advise that it’s important to water wisely – and conserve the moisture once it’s in the soil. 


What type of soil do you have?

How well your garden will retain water depends on the type of soil you have – sand or clay. If your soil is sandy, the water will move through the soil very fast. This is because sandy soil has a lot of air space between the particles – which allows for good drainage, but means that it also dries out very quickly. Clay soil is the opposite – as it is so dense it absorbs water much more slowly, but holds lots of water. Whichever soil type you have, the key to watering well is compost. Simply add compost to your garden and it will help your soil hold water. This means you’ll have to apply more water, but won’t have to water as often. 


When should you water?

The best times to water your garden are early morning, late afternoon and early evening, use a garden hose or watering can. During these cooler times of day less water will evaporate. It’s not good to water in bright sunlight because water droplets will intensify the rays and this may burn the leaves. It’s recommended that you water one to two times a week (containers and hanging baskets need watering once a day). It’s good to check when about half of the available water in the soil is left – simply dig down a few inches and have a feel of the soil.


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