Halloween decorating tips

Halloween decorating tips

October is one of our favourite months here at the Ideal Home Show Shop because it’s the host of one of our favourite holidays – Halloween!  Halloween is the perfect time to get family and friends together and we love age old traditions as well as new ones; let us give you some handy Halloween decorating tips to help you celebrate and make sure yours is really special this year.


Carve the perfect pumpkin

Pumpkin carving is an age-old tradition which isn’t going anywhere soon – here at the Ideal Home Show Shop we have pumpkin carving tips to make sure yours are the best on the street. When you’re choosing the perfect pumpkin, go large so you have enough space to work with, download an online stencil, or draw your own if you’re creative, then stick it to the front of the pumpkin before piercing holes with a cocktail stick through the outline. When you take it away you’ll have the perfect outline to carve your knife without having drawn all over what will be the pumpkin’s face.


Pumpkin soup

We always recommend carving your pumpkin near All Hallows Eve, but if you want to get a couple more days out of them – our top tip is to smear a thin layer of Vaseline or emollient over them to slow down the air getting to them. We love to accessorise here at the Ideal Home Show Shop so why not dry out the pumpkin seeds and use them to dress up your pumpkin making it look like the ghoul is spewing them out! If you’ve bought a few too many don’t worry – we have a brilliant and tasty recipe for pumpkin soup in our Ideal Home Show Seasonal Cook Book which looks great served in a hollowed out pumpkin! Click here to read the full recipe.


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