Where to hang pendant light fixtures

Pendant light fittings

Pendant lights are a popular lighting choice and a big trend at the moment because they create a stylish and dramatic look in any room. Our Ideal Home Show interior style experts have some top tips on where to hang pendant lights in your home. 


Over a dining table

Use a pendant light to highlight a piece of furniture below like a dining table or coffee table – you can fix as low as you want because no-one will be walking under the fixture! Above a dining table, a pendant light will provide brighter light for tasks done at the table or softer, more romantic light while dining. Hang multiple lights for dramatic effect above a larger or rectangular shape table.


In the hallway

In the entrance hall pendant lights create drama – casting shadows on the walls. If you have a tall ceiling, fixtures shouldn’t be hung too high up so they’re completely out of the line of sight. If you have a long hall, hang a series of fixtures down the centre for a classic look. Bear in mind any doors that extend open outwards and check there is enough clearance before hanging the pendant lights. Light is also well-needed on your staircase or landing, but when hanging don’t forget any taller visitors to your home – you don’t want people feeling they’ll need to duck when they walk up the stairs!


At the side of the bed

A great alternative to table lamps and will save space on your bedside tables! You don't have to stick to lighting at the centre of the room, hang either side of the bed and pendant light fittings will also provide the perfect night lights for reading in bed. Before fitting always check the length of the pendant hang, especially if you are hanging above a bedside table to ensure no obstructions will occur.


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