Grey home trend

Grey home trend

Here at the Ideal Home Show Shop we love embracing new styles in not only our accessories but our whole room décor as well. Neutral walls are the easiest to accessorise as they go with almost all colours and styles but that doesn’t mean you’re tied to that boring beige and taupe! We’re here with some handy tips which will help you bid farewell to the beige and hello to the new neutral – grey.


Choose your shade and lighting

It may sound like a cold colour but grey has an unusual depth like no other– with its hugely broad spectrum between white and black many of the greys also have undertones of pinks, greens and blues which not only gives you choice – but the chance to opt for warmer or cooler tones of the colour. We recommend adding lots of light sources rather than having one large ceiling light – grey is a shadowy colour so having lamps in different corners will keep the room bright while allowing you to adapt your ambience depending on your mood.


The perfect backdrop for trends

If you don’t wish to say goodbye to colour altogether – let the Ideal Home Show Shop give you some tips on how to introduce colour back into your palette with ease. Grey is the perfect shade to match to as it suits pastels for a soft look or bright bold colours for a modern, contemporary contrast! The great thing about grey is that your accessories can create current trends while being generally inexpensive – adding copper and glass will create an industrial look but should that trend pass, switching them for pastel pink blankets and delicate ceramics will give you your softer look back again without searching for the paintbrush.


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