Giving your lawn its first cut

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The end of March is the perfect time to give your lawn its first cut after winter. Now the weather has warmed up your lawn will be slowly beginning to grow, and our Ideal Home Show garden experts recommend that you give it a good start to the season with a proper first cut and a good grass feed to encourage healthy growth.

When to give your lawn its first cut

When the temperature outside reaches around 5 degrees, the tops of the grass blades will start producing new spikes. It’s important at this point to give your lawn its first cut as this will stimulate growth ahead of the main growing season. This will help build up a dense lawn with a strong growth rate. There is no set date you’ll need to give your lawn its first cut. You’ll need to cut it on a dry day following a few dry days to ensure the grass is not frosted or sodden. 

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How to give your lawn its first cut

After a mild, wet winter you’ll find the grass to be quite long but you should not cut it too short. However long it has grown, do not cut it too close to the root. You’ll need to set your lawn mower to cut 25mm (about an inch) of grass and never more. Subsequent cuts can be carried out from April onwards on a weekly basis. The general rule for lawn mowing is 'little and often'. Each week you can lower your lawn mower’s cutting height for every cut until you reach the perfect grass height. The mowings should be done with a good machine with sharp, well-adjusted blades, so check your lawn mower before starting. You should always collect your grass cuttings, do not mulch them – you can add to your compost heap. Don't forget to trim the edges of your lawn using a grass trimmer.


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