Rustic autumnal home

Recycled Home Accessories

Contemporary gloss furniture, ceramics and metals, although often creative and modern, often have less of the warmth and character that we love here at The Ideal Home Show Shop! In September, let us help you make the perfect warming rustic autumnal home.


Warming the home with accessories

You don’t have to make major changes to your furniture to get our favoured rustic look - at the Ideal Home Show Shop we’re always coming up with ways to help you get the style without breaking the bank! Accessories such as wooden candlesticks, wreaths, tea light holders and picture frames are a simple way to add some character to your home giving a charming autumnal feel. Wicker is the perfect material – a wicker basket filled with foraging finds such as firewood, wildflowers and harvest fruits add some country charm to your living room or kitchen.


Getting creative with your furniture

The beauty of our autumnal rustic theme is that it’s so easy to get with almost anything! We love classic and timeless pieces here at the Ideal Home Show Shop and the great thing about wood is that it never really goes out of style, especially when it already looks vintage! Distressing your own furniture couldn’t be easier, sand it down lightly and paint a neutral base coat before allowing to dry and sanding again in areas that would naturally wear. Stack this table with candles wrapped in twine or hessian and vases filled with flowers you’ve handpicked and you’ll turn your home into a country cottage which will warm you as the weather cools.


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