Seaside style get the look

Seaside style get the look

You don’t have to live by the sea to get some seaside style in your home. Nautical home accessories make it easy to evoke the feeling of being by the sea in the comfort of your living room, bedroom or bathroom! Coastal home décor is a perennial design choice for summer and our Ideal Home Show interior experts have some easy ways that you can get the look in your home.


Back to basics

Coastal style isn’t just about blue and whites – to get some true beach style you need to take a natural approach. Think about how it feels to be by the sea – fresh, light, airy and relaxing. You can recreate this feeling by using natural materials, textures and features in your home. Use sandy beiges, charcoals and greys, and go for lots of different shades of white. Add variety by using different textures –weather-beaten, distressed and faded will keep the look relaxed.

Light and space

Light and space is key to seaside style – think about how the sunlight is reflected in the sea and try to recreate this in your home by opening up your windows – use pale window coverings or slatted blinds to let light shine through and bring the outside in. Mirrors or shiny surfaces will bounce light around the room – avoid clutter and fuss – keep the look clean and cool. Incorporate typically external objects or materials like rough floor tiles, salvaged items and coastal style homewares that hint at beach life. Seagulls, shells and boats complete the look.


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