Gardening tips for clearing leaves

Leaf clearing

Raking leaves doesn’t have to be a chore – our top Ideal Home Show Shop tip is to find a leaf blower which doubles up as a vacuum meaning you can rid yourself of leaves without needing an artillery of tools. Modern leaf blowers can offer a shredding function which will cut down those leaves to up to 70% of their original size meaning you don’t have to empty the collection bag so often and can clear your paths, drives and lawns of leaves in one fell swoop.


Choosing the right leaf blower

Electric leaf blowers are often cheaper and are perfect if you have a smaller lawn or driveway and you’re able to plug into a power source, however go for petrol powered if you have hard to reach areas such as under hedges and larger lawns. A wheeled vacuum and shredder moves like a lawnmower and traditionally features a large collection bag, making it perfect for wet leaves or on slightly windy or unpredictable days when you fear your neat pile may start straying – it’s also ideal for those who can’t lift a handheld version for long periods.

Recycle your fallen leaves

Recycle your fallen leaves as they’re an excellent natural compost for your flower beds and borders – especially if they’ve been picked up wet and can make a nice mulch in your compost pile. If you’ve picked up dry leaves along the way, get crafty with the kids and spend a chilly autumn afternoon making some crafts by turning different coloured and shaped leaves into animals or trees on paper – or why not make an autumnal wreath for your door or garden fence with dried leaves, berries, twigs and pinecones for a rustic homely look.


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