Fun and unique baking ideas

heart shaped baking dishes

We’ll soon be going baking-mad again as we welcome the Great British Bake Off back to our TV screens and we’ve got some Ideal Home Show tips for you to make sure your baking is up to scratch. Use colourful bakeware in unique shaped dishes such as hearts, which will finish off a romantic meal while making your cooking that little more interesting – plus, it means you don’t have to transfer it from baking tray to serving plate which avoids any bakes breaking-up in the process.


Update your baking utensils

Switch your old baking tins for tins with a removeable base and lock-slide mechanisms which will help you release your cakes and bakes easily - you can get these in all shapes and sizes. A whizzy-whisk which operates on a push motion of the handle is the perfect compromise between the phyically taxing manual whisk and an electric whisk which often overdoes the task. Use a circular silicone mould to keep your mixing bowl secure while you whisk making sure the contents don’t end up on the floor.


Presenting your baking perfectly

Presentation is just as important as preparation so pick up some handy containers to keep your buns and biscuits fresh. Glass storage jars are a great rustic touch and can stay out on your kitchen counter as an accessory while showing whats inside. A vintage biscuit tin will keep your biscuits fresh and look lovely when brought out to an afternoon tea and set on a table styled with tiered stands, vintage teapots and cups and saucers for that traditional authentic feel.


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