Father’s Day BBQ

father's Day barbeque

With Father’s Day weekend fast approaching why not celebrate with a fabulous family BBQ all in honour of dad. Make it special by remembering his favourite foods and creating a bespoke menu all catered with treats for him – you can use chalkboard for an easy reusable decoration. Dress the table up with blue napkins for serve plenty of chilled beer in funky glass jars for a masculine theme which he’s bound to love.


What to buy for your BBQ

When barbequing, make an itemised list of the things you need to minimise waste. If you’re struggling to judge how much food you’ll need, ask your butcher based on how many people are coming and they can advise how much meat to buy. Many of us tend to overbuy and overuse fuel when grilling: three pounds of charcoal should cook a meal for four to six people, so rather than dumping the whole bag on the grill, simply use from the bag it as you need it.


How to cook the perfect meat

To get the perfect meat, season or marinade overnight in the fridge but only add salt as you’re about to cook. Our Ideal Home Show Shop tip is to make sure you lose fridge chill if you’ve prepared your cuts of meat the night before - 20 minutes should be enough to bring the meat to room temperature making sure it all cooks at the same speed. Test if it’s done with a small sharp knife or meat thermometer and rest the meat after cooking to allow it to reabsorb some juices and keep it from being tough.


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