How to make your own Christmas decorations

This year why not take time to create something extra special for your home at Christmas – and save money! Homemade decorations are a much cheaper alternative to bought ones, and at the Ideal Home Show we’ve got some clever solutions and great ideas for easy-to-make Christmas decorations that you can try.

Delve into your Christmas wrapping box, dig out old ribbon, cards and cut offs and get creative! Stencil out easy Christmas shapes like Christmas trees, puddings or stars onto pieces of card. Cut them out, make a hole in the top of each and weave ribbon or string through and then simply drape on your tree. Our Christmas craft experts at the Ideal Home Show this year used playing cards for a unique effect and another great idea is to use your kids' drawings. You can use any remaining ribbon to tie bows at the end of your tree branches. 


Natural elements can bring some rustic festive touches to your home without breaking the budget. Collect pinecones, seasonal fruit and winter foliage from your garden and use colourful ribbon to tie to your Christmas tree. Dried fruit can be used as scented decorations on the dinner table or hanging from your tree. Whole oranges take a long time to dry out so if you're short on time you can cut into thick slices and leave to dry out in the airing cupboard or in a warm oven. 

If you don't have the time to make your own decorations you can still get the on-trend homemade Christmas look this year for less. Look out for hand-crafted Christmas decorations with unique designs and rustic finishes including baubles, tree decorations, wreaths and twine.

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Christmas Twine with Wooden Shapes

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