Caring for your garden in winter

Late autumn-winter isn’t an obvious time for gardening but it’s the most important time of year to care for your garden. You’ll need to start by clearing any snow, ice or frost as well as removing fallen autumn leaves. You should then look to treat your lawn to ensure that come spring-summer you’ll have a garden to be proud of!

Raking can be hard work so thankfully there are much easier options available. A leaf vacuum will work in the same way as a hoover, sucking up leaves and debris into a bag, which can be easily emptied out. Make sure you get a leaf vacuum with a substantial collection bag (at least 25L) to cut down on trips to the compost. Alternatively you can use a leaf blower, which is hand-held and can be angled to blow leaves away. Once you've blown all the leaves into a single pile it makes them much easier to collect. Look for a leaf blower that’s lightweight yet also powerful enough to remove wet leaves.


Once you’ve removed all fallen leaves and debris from your lawn you’ll need to treat the grass and soil. The autumn-winter months are the best time to do this because it’s wet and the grass roots will still be growing. Use a lawn scarifier and aerator on your lawn once a month to improve oxygen and water penetration down to the grass roots. This will result in stronger roots and better growth next year. 

Finally, remember that leaves are high in nutrients and will add precious organic matter to your soil next spring. Use a garden shredder to reduce the leaves you've collected and then simply layer them alongside fruit and vegetable waste and grass clippings in your compost heap. Leave for the winter and come spring it’ll be ready to plant into your beds.

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