Ecoegg – Wash Clever!

Ecoegg endorsed by Kim Woodburn

Ecoegg is a new and innovative way to wash and dry your clothes – endorsed by the famous celebrity ‘Queen of Clean’ Kim Woodburn and recently launched at our Ideal Home Show! Manufactured here in the UK, Ecoegg is a completely natural and effective alternative to conventional washing detergents, which are expensive and filled with harsh chemicals.


Kind to your pocket

Unlike traditional laundry detergents, ecoegg won’t cost you a fortune – it’ll actually save you money. The Ecoegg Laundry Egg will last you a massive 720 washes – that's 3 years for the average family – and at only £19.99 that works out at just 3p per wash. The Ecoegg Dryer Egg will reduce tumble drying time by up to 28% – drying your clothes faster and using less electricity. Compare that to how much you’re currently spending on washing and you’ll notice the difference!


Kind to skin

Your skin is the largest organ of your body – so you need to take care of it! Unlike chemical-laden laundry detergents, Ecoegg contains no harsh chemicals, fragrances or bleaches. It’s made from all natural ingredients, which have been dermatologically tested in independent laboratories and are scientifically-proven to lift dirt and grime off fabrics. This makes it ideal if you have sensitive skin, or if you just want to use natural products to protect yours and your children's skin. The Ecoegg has even been certified by the National Eczema Society and Allergy UK, with multiple awards too. Why not convert to Ecoegg today! 

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