EaziGrip – Gripping Made Easy

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EaziGrip is a unique and innovative range of kitchenware, cookware and kitchen utensils – recently launched at our Ideal Home Show! Check out the shape of the handle – it’s different from most other saucepans on the market – making lifting, carrying and maneuvering the cookware much easier than normal.


Ergonomically designed handles

The unique EaziGrip handle is designed at a 42 degree angle downward, meaning you hold it in a completely different way than with any conventional handle. Scientific research shows that 42 degrees is the optimum wrist angle for carrying heavy objects in the way that you would carry a saucepan, frying pan, grill pan or any other cooking pan. This is because it uses the stronger muscles in the forearm – taking the strain away from the wrist. 


Greater comfort and control

The 42 degree carrying position is known as the ‘power grip’ because it not only allows you to carry heavier weights with more ease, it also gives you the tightest grip possible. The ergonomic 42 degree design handle gives you the most natural and comfortable grip possible when carrying any type of cooking pan, which gives you more control. The EaziGrip kitchenware and cookware range makes lifting, moving and draining cooking pans easier for everyone – and is especially ideal if you suffer from arthritis or wrist pain. Switch from your standard saucepans to EaziGrip and you'll be amazed at the difference it makes!


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