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Easter is a great excuse for getting your friends and family together for a celebration involving plenty of sweet treats! Invite everyone over to your home - at the Ideal Home Show Shop our top tip is to hang a welcoming Easter wreath on your door to get them in the Easter spirit as soon as they arrive! Find an Easter wreath made from eggs like this Pastel Easter Egg Wreath or go for a simple floral design like this Pink Blossom Wreath, which can be hung all throughout Spring; you can even add a Happy Easter Garland which we know the kids will love.


Extra special Easter

It wouldn’t be Easter without a fun Easter egg hunt – perfect for getting the kids excited and having fun outdoors - even the adults can get involved! To get started, why not hang Easter hunt signs to show them the way around the hunt? If you really want to make them feel special, give all the kids a special container like this Easter Egg Hunt Canvas Bag or Set of 4 Colourful Baskets to collect their eggs. They can share all the treats out with their friends at the end of the hunt!


Decorate the garden

At the Ideal Home Show Shop we love the idea of adding in special tokens to collect along the way on your Easter egg hunt like these Gingerbread Easter Egg Decorations – sneak them in a tree and reward whoever finds one with a special prize! Line pathways with decorative baskets or tea light holders, and you can also hang ornaments like the Zinc Spring Garden Tea Light Holder from tree branches. These also look just as gorgeous inside your home after the hunt is over with a flickering candle inside – perfect to dress up the centre of your Easter dinner table too.


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