Decorating with door knobs

Every cupboard door needs a door knob – and it’s the part of any piece of furniture that you touch the most. So it makes sense for your cupboard doorknobs to be just as delightful as the rest of your home décor.

The perfect finishing touch

Decorative door knobs are such an easy yet effective way to dress up tired cupboards, dull drawers or drab cabinets. They’re also a fabulous alternative to standard furniture door knobs and handles that you get with flat-packed furniture and will complete your colour scheme with the perfect finishing touch. They give you the opportunity to add a splash of colour and a personal touch to kitchen cupboards, wardrobes, chests of drawers and desks. You can even mix and match to achieve the best style to really create your ideal home. 


Fitting your door knobs

When it comes to fitting your door knobs ensure that the job is done properly as it is likely that you will be using them every day. It is a matter of personal choice where you fix them, though cupboard door knobs are typically installed towards the bottom of the door, and handles more centrally. Always take an accurate measurement on a central point for fitting the knobs, as well as the distance of the hole. You will be able to buy cupboard door knobs with varying screw lengths to ensure a perfect fit for your door. Usually the screw will come as standard (35mm) but often you will be able to buy longer screws (45mm) for thicker doors so check your door measurements beforehand.


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