Creating a feature wall

It only takes one fabulous feature wall to give your home the wow factor! Whether you want to add something unique to your home or decorate a room to impress, a statement wall is a great way to add character into your home without committing to one style.

Easy ways to create a feature wall

Painting with a brighter, bolder and more daring colour is an obvious way to create your feature wall – and this looks especially effective within a neutral colour scheme. If you don’t want to paint or change existing décor so dramatically a wall sticker or wall decal is an easier and less-permanent way to create your feature wall. They’re self-adhesive and so simple to apply to any wall – and easy to remove too! A great way to add personality is adding your favourite quote or saying to create your statement wall – an inspiration for every day. 


Choosing the best wall to feature

As a general rule, you should choose to feature a wall that’s as plain as possible, without doors or windows. Chimney breasts and recesses are especially ideal as they define the natural breaks in the room. The wall sticker or feature colour will draw attention to the wall so ideal for showing off a wall with an interesting design or unique angle. It doesn’t have to be the main wall in the room – often a feature wall works best in a surprising location around a corner or under an alcove! Make sure you keep the rest of the walls neutral as this will give maximum impact to your feature wall. Wall stickers are also a great way to enhance an existing feature wall when used over a fireplace or flat screen tv and will add extra impact.



Butterfly Wall Sticker Decal

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Champagne Wall Sticker Decal

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Live, Life, Love Wall Sticker Decal

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